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Jonathan Danilowitz

The world watches as Syrians die. Moral confusion everywhere.

Can anything be done to stop the slaughter in Syria?More >>

Gay pride marches in Jerusalem.

In the ancient city, the marchers in the pride parade offer an example to the region -- and the world.More >>

Apartheid photo. Black and white

How easy for Roger Cohen, in 2013, to smear the Jews of South Africa living in the dark days of apartheid.More >>

Time for marriage equality in Israel?

Israel is already the most progressive country in the Middle East when it comes to gay rights. That's no excuse for complacency, though.More >>

Does eating animals prepare us to persecute humans?

"In relation to them, all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka." --  Isaac Bashevis Singer.More >>

Ignore Arab terrorism against Israel at our peril.

To justify (or ignore) the terrorism aimed at Israel in order to force the Arab-Israel conflict issue is short-sighted.More >>

Connect the dots. Terrorism is a theat we must all deal with.

Yes, it’s time to wake up. The time has come to stop ignoring Arab terror.More >>

There are only three cases where people can use "apartheid" linked to Israel:

  1. Where they are totally ignorant about South Africa and what apartheid meant and means.
  2. Where they are ignorant about Israel, from the foundation of the state and till today.
  3. Where they are themselves racist anti-Semites (very often, but not always, self-hating guilt-ridden Jewish people) who have a pathological need or desire to delegitimize Israel.

It seems that many former South Africans were so well trained by their racist masters in South Africa that they cannot but remain slaves to the racist ideology inherent in anti-Semitism.

It appears now that the pro-active (and rightly so) Jerusalem Van Leer Institute has given itself over to this racist anti-Semitic ideology by allowing a conference linking Israel to apartheid to take place there soon.

A conference on "Discrimination in Israel" would be welcome, just as would a conference on, say, gun-control in the USA or paedophiles in Belgium or Islamophobia in Holland. The problems exist and must be discussed openly.

But titling the upcoming Van Leer Institute conference "apartheid" in Israel is comparable to smearing all Dutch people as Islamophobes. By giving their imprimatur to the racist title...More >>

Osama Bin Laden Dead

It's about time the world woke up from its collective self-induced fantasy that terrorism is something that happens to other people, notes Jonathan Danilowitz.

The kidnapping/hostage episode in Algeria that has grabbed world headlines this past week is apparently over. Hard facts are scarce. The numbers of dead, injured, released, still being held and still missing fluctuate with the wind, and depending on news sources.


One thing though, is clear: Anyone who thinks that Arab terror is aimed exclusively at Israel or Jewish targets (or at Americans and USA targets) – has ignored the writing on the wall. At the remote In Amenas gas plant, Arab terrorists with an axe to grind against Western interests that include France, Britain, USA, Japan (and even Algeria) apparently took hundreds of hostages, and then made various demands for their freedom.

...More >>


I recently began a computer driven course run by Duke University, for external students. The course subject is basically how to argue, how to use language tools, how to identify false premises, how to respond, what key words to look for – stuff like that. Besides the lectures and exercises, the course also offers students a series of discussion groups, some of which include the lectures, working groups, problem solving and more. One of the discussion “groups” is open to any and every subject, so someone began a discussion on the Arab-Israel conflict.

Yes, the Arab-Israel conflict is being discussed by students in a course on the tools of arguments. At first sight it might even seem logical; use the tools of argument on this thorny issue. The opening premise presented by the ‘someone’ immediately took an anti-Israel slant. I looked forward to a high level intellectual debate, until I saw the level of some of the arguments: “facts” created by thumb sucking, theories based on false premises and biased media reports, and even offerings on the level of “the Jews use the blood of innocent Christians...More >>



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