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Free Speech

In Russia, artificial emotion and bigotry on the streets are signs that there is still a long way to go to realize pluralism, democracy and free thinking.More >>

Some people are just full of hate. When vocalizing hate crosses over into incitement to violence... well, we have laws for that, don't we?More >>

Total stranger trolls Tarek Fatah on Facebook.

Chantelle Smith to Tarek Fatah: "wish you would had died of cancer you ugly paki"

 More >>

Iran is part of Google Earth, for now.

Iran has pretty well decided to pull out of the Internet.More >>

It is only natural that the rulers of a theocracy would be easily offended.More >>

Political protest enters its newest phase.

Terry Glavin effectively counters Chris Hedges in an engaging conversation about how political protest has evolved (or devolved?).More >>

Pakistan, which incidentally generates the highest number of porn and sex-related Internet searches of any country in the world (including an astounding array of bestiality searches- see below), frequently bans websites like youtube for being "blasphemous". Most recently, the Government of Pakistan has banned access online to the website of the Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Sun. In response, the newspaper stated the following,

we are disappointed that someone unknown in the Pakistan government has taken the decision to place us behind a censorship firewall. Maybe they think no news is good news, especially when it comes to a newspaper that consistently exposes a raft of questionable policies and decisions.

After all, this is a military administration that in the past has shown scant regard for basic values of democracy, rule of law, accountability and a host of other principles we here in Canada take for granted.

The Pakistani High Commission in Ottawa has not formally confirmed or denied the ban, but is expected to make a statement on Monday. And when they do, we can likely expect something as nonsensical and contradictory as what they said when they blocked Youtube: "We believe in access to free information." ......More >>

For years, Blazing Cat Fur has been waged a tireless (and nearly thankless) online battle against Islamist radicalization and hatred in Canada and abroad.

They're trying to shut his blog down -- a clear attack on free speech and on those who oppose creeping theocratic fascism from those who would shout "we are all Hezbollah" from the streets of Toronto, London, Paris or elsewhere.

Note some of Blazing Cat Fur's most well-known victories so far:

I am proud that my work has contributed to hate crime investigations of the East End Madrassah, and also of CASMO, both organizations are affiliated with Iran's proxies in Canada, organizations that openly operate within Canada's Shia community under the direction of Iran's Ahlul Bayt society. Organizations that openly hate Jews and Israel.

I am also proud that I played a significant hand in our government cutting off funding to both the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, both are among the most anti-semitic organizations in Canada.

He needs your support. Note the cat-icon PayPal donation button on the right of his blog. Donate what you can....More >>


Nerd war! Another former Boing Boing commenter, David Turover, goes public with the weird comment moderation habits of a popular site following our Editor's inhumane banishment.

Welcome to the club. I was banned for posting a history lesson on the Kashmir conflict in response to a post by Oxblood Ruffin celebrating the supposed resistance against Hindu occupation and intrusion into traditionally Muslim-only land. Before that, I had posts deleted for citing the Hague Conventions. Seriously.

What makes this especially aggravating is that Boing Boing pioneered the practice of disemvoweling comments as a means to maintain free speech while discouraging undesirable speech. Call the President a nigger, and people will still see your comment "bm s nggr". Make a sound argument against a Muslim terrorist organization, i.e. a terrorist organization that happens to be Muslim, and your comment will be erased. 

Antinous and Xeni consider it to be even more offensive to be opposed to Hamas, the Taliban, or Jamaat e-Islami than they do to be a racist, troll, or spammer, and they take the extreme (for BB) action of deleting comments to ensure that that nobody can see the arguments against these...More >>

banned from Boing Boing oh the humanityBoing Boing's editors are totally committed to free speech and fighting online censorship except when it comes to debunking lies about Palestinians or promoting Israel's right to self-defense, apparently.

I'm banned from commenting on the site.

Darn it. I really liked that site -- the "blog of interesting things". It's my default site for strange, funny, nerdy stuff. It's too bad the site moderator Antinous appears to have little patience for, you know, other opinions besides those that still believe (against all evidence) that Palestinians live in an open-air prison or that Israelis are acting like Nazis. This is often what happens when science nerds pretend to also be politics nerds.

Banned. Wow. Sorry if I'm dwelling on this. I know it's a great example of a First World Problem. But I'm a nerd. I feel comfortable in the company of other nerds, even online (OK, especially online). Now I feel like I've been rejected from a popular island of nerddom and can't go back (Oh sure, I can visit -- they just don't want me messing up their nice online beach).

But now...More >>



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