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Will the West respond to chemical weapons use in Syria?

In terms of the human cost alone, Western dawdling has helped the Syrian crisis spin out of control.More >>

Political correctness is learned in the classroom.

Politically-correct madness is getting madder.More >>

George Zimmerman vs. the US justice system.

"Progressive" lynch mobs vs. American justice.More >>

Apartheid photo. Black and white

How easy for Roger Cohen, in 2013, to smear the Jews of South Africa living in the dark days of apartheid.More >>

Another New York Times smear against Jews.

Another shameful op ed in the New York Times.More >>

Terrorism comes to Victoria, Canada. No word on their motives.

What could possibly have motivated the terrorists in Victoria, Canada?More >>

Socialist indoctrination continues in Canadian schools.

The socialist reeducation camp otherwise known as Toronto continues to turn out fully-trained apparatchiks.More >>

When climate science and propaganda clashes.

The climate science debate rolls on.More >>

Iran's Press TV focuses on Canadian tyranny. Sorry, what?

Iran's propaganda channel struggles mightily in finding news of actual relevance to slam its Western enemies.More >>

More propaganda from our Allies to help mobilize the masses.

Here are the latest dispatches from the front.More >>



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