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We must not take the wrong lessons from 7/7. At Harry's Place, an analysis of an Irrational Response to 7/7:

Mrs Fatayi-Williams told the BBC: “Anthony’s life was cut short in a needless, totally unnecessary and preventable attack on London.

She is right that her son’s life was cut short needlessly and unnecessarily. But she is entirely wrong to say with such certainty that the attack could have been prevented in a way other than the terrorists themselves deciding not to go through with their callous act. It is true that the state can and does spy on groups it suspects of planning acts of terror and in some cases can make preemptive arrests. But it is not always able to do so. What’s more, giving the police and security services the powers to guarantee success would certainly have undesirable effects on our civil liberties.

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battle pope blasphemy law pakistan christian catholic"I once more encourage the leaders of that country [Pakistan] to take the necessary steps to abrogate that law," says the Catholic bigwig with a direct line to God. "The tragic murder of the governor of Punjab shows the urgent need to make progress in this direction."

Not that I expect it will make much difference. Indeed, the most likely reaction from Pakistan's Islamist radical set (which now appears to encompass pretty much everyone from rural hicks to well-heeled lawyers) is to shoot the messenger -- literally, metaphorically -- take your pick.

Still, the message is likely to be more strongly felt by virtue of the Pope's religious faith. Nobody cares what us secular Infidels thinks, anyway.More >>

confusion to our enemies royal navy toast propaganda politics warEver wonder where The Propagandist's memorable slogan comes from? Like all disreputable wordsmiths, we just nicked the line from somewhere else.

Now the story can be told. I first heard it from our own political satirist Lyle Neff, who stole it from the intrepid journalist Terry Glavin, who in turn borrowed it from an old Royal Navy toast.

Confusion to our enemies! Say it six ways to Sunday. And no matter how many times you hear it, it never gets old. 

Buy the hat that says Confusion To Our Enemies and fun things will happen

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police rcmp politically correct muslim outreach islamist britain pakistani multiculturalismNobody does politically correct police work like Canadian cops:

As RCMP investigators searched through homes, computers and the seized equipment of three terror suspects arrested at the end of August, the RCMP's community outreach office in Ottawa was calling an emergency meeting of the cultural diversity consultative committee to apologize to local Muslims.

You'd have to expect that those arrested were denounced by the public as "not real Muslims" anyway, since terrorism and violence are prohibited by the religion of peace. They were charged with terrorism offenses, ipso facto, they're not Muslims, so why is there any need to apologize to anyone?

That being the case, doesn't this politically correct apology actually taint all Canadian Muslims with a bigoted brush, implying that their religion has anything at all to do with these terrorist operations?

Of course, Ottawa-area cops don't have a monopoly on stupidity. The Telegraph reports that "charities and agencies working with victims of sexual abuse have been accused of covering up the role of British Pakistani Muslims in sexually exploiting young...More >>

salman rushdie islamist threat islamofascism terror fatwah iran muslim western liberalThe Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie explains the nature of the Islamist threat against the West as well as against Muslims in countries that incubate radicalism:

One of the things that liberal opinion in the West doesn't understand is that there actually is an enemy. There actually is an enemy that means us harm. And they're not just going to go away if you're nice to them.

But it's also important to remember that that enemy is also an enemy of people in Muslim countries. As I say, the people most oppressed by the Pakistani based Kashmiri radicals are the people of Kashmir, who are Muslim. The people oppressed by the Taliban are Muslims in Afghanistan. Today in Iraq the people who are being killed by Muslims are other Muslims.

There is a common enemy that is as inimical to Muslims as well as to the West. The fact is that it certainly exists. It's not a pipe dream. You don't have to be a right-winger to think this...

...More >>

propagandist politics essay writers contest commentary newsThe Propagandist would like to thank all those who took part in our 2010 essay contest sponsored by the Free Thinking Film Festival. We were able to feature dozens of insightful, well written essays by a wide range of authors. Many of these contest participants have gone on to become regular contributors at our magazine.

We will be announcing the winner of the contest and the $1000 prize money on February 1. Thanks again to all those who took part. May the best essay win!

One last thing. We do plan on running more contests in 2011, so keep an eye out for what's happening.

Confusion to our enemies!More >>

It was a tough holiday season and it seems genocidal Islamist thugs are still intent on punishing Christians for having the temerity to celebrate Christmas. No respite in the New Year from the global jihad.

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the propagandist magazine politics news essay feature writingWe wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We're still publishing over the coming days, though our continuing barrage of political propaganda is going to be a bit lighter than usual. Enjoy the holiday season. Don't drink and drive.

And of course, confusion to our enemies.More >>

propagandist magazine politics essay comment newsYou might think there would be more good news from our allies at the time of year when peace and goodwill towards all is supposed to be the standard. Not so much. The Propagandist links to some of the bizarro stuff happening out there, from Amnesty-International vetted "charity workers" fighting (and dying) for jihad in Afghanistan to the weirdness of North Korea and the international community. Oh, and Christmas-timed terror attacks, naturally.

Amnesty International And Its 'Cage Prisoners' Poster Boy Get What They Wanted. "Rideh was a poster boy for jihadist Moazzam Begg's Cage Prisoners outfit, which has enjoyed the support, the services and the platforms of Amnesty International, to the great dismay of AI supporters and some AI staff, most notably AI whistleblower Gita Saghal, who was turfed from her job as head of AI's Gender Unit for her trouble."

The PA's Choice: Palestinian State or Palestinian Cause. Rather than engage in negotiations which will reinforce the need for compromise, the PA has embarked on a strategy that, in the language of de Callieres, places its "passions"...More >>

the propagandist magazine politics political commentary essays writingIt's time to submit. Not to our will, mind you. We're very much in favor of freedom at The Propagandist. But perhaps you're interested in submitting a piece for The Propagandist Essay Contest? Just a reminder to all you late entrants that there's still time to get your best political essay in to us before the New Year.

Write a humdinger of an essay and get a chance to win $1000. That can help pay off a hefty credit card bill. Here's a brief excerpt of the rules:

All approved essay contributions will appear in The Propagandist and the best essay wins $1000.


Essays must be submitted between September 14, 2010 and midnight on December 31, 2010. The essay winner will be announced on February 1, 2011.


Contact us at info [AT] propagandistmag [DOT] com


Put “Essay Contest” in the Subject Line.

We've already featured some dynamite essays in The Propagandist submitted for this contest. Here's a roundup of some of them. There's only going to be one victor of the contest, but as the...More >>



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