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Death to the Dictator

An honest mistake. They really just want to replace the tyranny of Bashar al Assad with an even bloodier tyranny of God (well, technically, God's self-appointed representatives; the surly folks with the beards, AK-47s, etc). Noted.More >>

WikiLeaks brags that its latest release of documents is  "embarrassing to Syria, but it is also embarrassing to Syria's opponents."

Because that's what you want to do, WikiLeaks: embarrass the people who are trying to stop the Syrian regime from engaging in all-out war on its own population.

Just to underline WikiLeaks' disgusting moral relativism, Julian Assange states that the so-called Syria Files "helps us not merely to criticise one group or another, but to understand their interests, actions and thoughts. It is only through understanding this conflict that we can hope to resolve it." Right. Because Assad's decades of well-documented torture and totalitarian control and the overt connivance of rogue regimes doesn't help us understand what's really going on.

Those emails better be dynamite. They better show incontrovertible evidence that Western governments have bankrolled, militarized and diplomatically controlled Syria for the past forty years. Otherwise, this appears to be a huge distraction and publicity stunt, of no great value to anyone except a dictator who wants to put the rest of the world on their back foot.

We haven't yet had a chance to look though the new trove of information (which hopefully will not expose more innocents...More >>

Tearful schoolchildren show their gratitude for North Korea's overlord: "Thank Kim Jong Un and his Heavenly Father that we'll never have to experience the corrupting influence of Sony Playstation or Walt Disney movies or meat protein. When I grow up, I'm going to be in the army for 10 years and get two bowls of rice a day." More >>

But really, that does seem like Craigslist-low pricing for decapitating a dictator.

A prominent Saudi Islamic scholar has announced a reward of $450,000 for killing Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, who he branded a murderer.

Not that Bashar Al Assad doesn't deserve it, but people really should be paid appropriately for the work they do.

Also, I can't help but think that if this actually worked, it wouldn't be long before heads of state all over the Arab world ended up as necks of state.

Again, not that they don't deserve it.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The PropagandistMore >>

In a delightfully creepy bit of propaganda out of North Korea, the makers of this video inadvertently toss Hitchens' line about not being able to escape Pyongyang's totalitarian system until you die on its head.

"Don't worry about us, sister. Our father is still with us."More >>

The Syrian regime's violence against its own people has been horrendous. But the United Nation General Secretary's call for both the regime and those elements of the opposition that are fighting back to simply put down their arms and seek a political resolution is unrealistic.

To be sure, a political resolution must be found. But the regime can't play a part in it. The Bashar Al Assad regime and everyone associated with it need to go. There can be no meaningful discussion with people who pull the fingernails out of children and indiscriminately bombard entire neighborhoods.

Whichever way the regime ultimately crumbles, the United Nations should be taking steps to organize some intervention to prevent the wholesale slaughter of ethnic and religious minorities by members of what we nebulously call the Opposition. As we have seen in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, when the dictator goes, Islamists rush into the gap, with lethal consequences.

Nadia Khoury is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist

 More >>

Vladimir Putin's win in the rigged Russian Presidential election, followed by police cracking down on legitimate protests, is bad enough. It's even more disappointing that the second-place finishers were the Communists, with 18 percent.More >>

Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin speaking to Channel 4 News hours before she was killed in Homs, Syria. The city was under assault by security forces loyal to Dictator Bashar Al Assad.More >>

Escapees from the gulag state that is North Korea ought not to be termed defectors. That would indicate a well-thought out ideological break with the cult of Pyongyang and a betrayal of Communist principles. I'm not convinced that's what's going on. I don't think anyone else is, either.

Certainly, as escaped refugees learn what the real world is like outside of the totalitarian state's borders, any lingering solidarity with the dynasty of Kim Il Sung will disappear. But the reason most people try to get out is because they're desperately hungry and fear being imprisoned and tortured for breaking arbitrary rules like not crying enough at the Dear Leader's recent funeral. They're not traitors; they are refugees hoping to escape with their lives and nothing else.

When China arrests these people and sends them back to meet their lethal fate at the hands of the North Korean prison camp guards, it is violating their human right to life. It's sort of like an escapee from Al Qaeda somehow managing to get to a consulate or airport and authorities deciding to hand them back to their former captors for a scheduled beheading. Or to...More >>

Darn. After that great funereal show for Kim Jong Il, I was looking forward to another display of the totalitarian state's lush pageantry.

It seems Kim Jong Un is still around, very much able to treat himself to five-course meals while his population is reduced further into a civilization of malnourished dwarfs.More >>



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