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American Propaganda

When Mitt Romney made his comments about the "culture" of the Palestinians being at the root of their economic misery, he was struck by a whirlwind of invective. Problem is that he was right.

John Podhoretz points out in Commentary:

You want a political culture that works to create conditions under which an economy can thrive? Since signing the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians, Israel has spent two decades working to unshackle its economy from its socialist roots, with remarkable results.


The Palestinians? They’ve created what the House Foreign Affairs Committee has called a “chronic kleptocracy,” with foreign aid and investment shamelessly stolen and diverted to the bank accounts of the leaders of the Palestinian Authority and its gangsterish local strongmen.

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The Obama administration gave back the bust of Winston Churchill that had decorated the White House. It was a donation from the British government, handed over after the September 11 attacks of 2001. Churchill today is practically a synonym for steadfastness and British pluck in the face of desperate adversity -- it was a timely and thoughtful symbol of solidarity in America's time of crisis.

Obama gave back the bust (which he had every right to do -- the bust was technically on loan, not a proper gift) in 2009. The problem is that they lied about it, presumably in order to embarrass consistent administration critic Charles Krauthammer. Now they've been caught.

Why lie? Is it just a distasteful habit now, like picking one's nose? The Obama administration had no need to lie, but they did. Stupid.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The PropagandistMore >>

Eighty percent of children my daughter's age are more obese than she is. Still, a little obesity is still too much. While the rest of her diet consists of fast fried foods, candy, ice cream and whatever else she feels like eating, I’m pretty sure it’s the soda leading to her health problems. It definitely can’t have anything to do with the hot dog eating contest we host and judge every Fourth of July. So my spouse and I chose the only available option: we’ve limited her to 16 ounces of soda. At a time. Being the progressive, fashionable family on our block, I’m sure that most of the other families will emulate us very soon. Farewell Obesity!

Sitting at the New York City Department of Health (DOH) public hearing, I can’t help but think of my household. Like my daughter, New York is a little obese. While 80 percent of the states in the USA have higher obesity rates than New York, almost a quarter of New Yorkers qualify as obese. And as I said, even a little obesity is still too much. So, like my household, New York City plans on banning all sugary drinks over 16 ounces...More >>

Obama's line about AK-47's belong "in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals" makes sense to me. But I'm guessing the NRA crowd won't be pleased with this common-sense approach to the "right to bear arms."

Clearly, there has to be some kind of cut-off; no one suggests Americans ought to have the right to have their own nuclear bomb in their basement. The American founding fathers didn't contemplate individual US citizens stockpiling weapons capable of shooting 600 rounds a minute, either. Do you really need an automatic rifle for personal defense or hunting deer?

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The PropagandistMore >>

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann expressed concern over the vetting process for American government employees, particularly in regard to connections to the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent organization of Al Qaeda). This would seem to be prudent, given that a large portion of American military and counter-terrorism efforts are presently aimed squarely at jihadists.

For this, Bachmann and her allies have been raked over the coals by the media, Democrats and even her own party. But now it seems Bachmann may have been on to something all along. The appropriately-named Andrew McCarthy explains in Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood: Closely Connected:

Moreover, it turns out that Huma Abedin herself was, until late 2008, a member of another of her mother’s Islamist organizations, the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.


The Center for Security Policy has reviewed past mastheads of the IMMA’s journal. Huma Abedin is listed as an assistant editor (to her mother, the editor-in-chief) as far back as 1996, the year she began interning at the Clinton White House. The IMMA was started in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s by Huma Abedin’s parents, with the backing of Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef is a former secretary-general of the Muslim World League,

...More >>

Has the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the US government? Are government officials being influenced by radical Islamists? Why is it so difficult to merely be asking these questions, a decade after jihadists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in an effort to destroy the republic? Newt Gingrich wonders....More >>

Should America be arming the Free Syrian Army? The first concern is that we don't know who these people are. The second concern, tied to the first, is that even before the smoke has cleared between the FSA and the Assad regime, the FSA is already devoting critical manpower and resources to extorting and banishing the Christians from Syrian territory.

Nonetheless, here's American Republican Senator John McCain on CNN (via Think Progress):

CROWLEY: U.S. arms, you want to get U.S. arms to them. You don’t…

MCCAIN: Sure, why not? Why not? Russian arms are coming in. Iranians are on the ground. Meanwhile, the Iranians are helping Bashar al-Assad and they are committing acts of — they are committing terrorist acts around the world — they are planning on terrorist acts. The talks with Iran on their nuclear development have broken down and where is the United States of America?


Sometimes the enemy of your enemy isn't your friend.

Nadia Khoury is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist...More >>

The Propagandist's Allies must move forward not backward, upward, not forward, and always twirling twirling whirling towards freedom.

The latest dispatches from the front lines:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

More like a "reluctant capitalist," says Bill O'Reilly.

Mr. Obama is not a socialist. He's not a communist. He's a social justice anti-capitalist.

So says Fox News. But what else is new?More >>

Speaking of inhuman monsters that come out of darkness, the despicable murderer who killed at least 12 people early this morning at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises seems to qualify. My hunch is that James Holmes is "criminally insane", but we'll see.

A senseless, brutal act possibly carried out by a narcissistic and cold-blooded maniac. Thankfully, the police have got him behind bars. Psychotic killers tend not to break out quite as often in real life as you might see in Gotham's Arkham Asylum.More >>



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