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Famous Jerusalem Organization Hoodwinked by Faux-Liberals

There are only three cases where people can use "apartheid" linked to Israel:

  1. Where they are totally ignorant about South Africa and what apartheid meant and means.
  2. Where they are ignorant about Israel, from the foundation of the state and till today.
  3. Where they are themselves racist anti-Semites (very often, but not always, self-hating guilt-ridden Jewish people) who have a pathological need or desire to delegitimize Israel.

It seems that many former South Africans were so well trained by their racist masters in South Africa that they cannot but remain slaves to the racist ideology inherent in anti-Semitism.

It appears now that the pro-active (and rightly so) Jerusalem Van Leer Institute has given itself over to this racist anti-Semitic ideology by allowing a conference linking Israel to apartheid to take place there soon.

A conference on "Discrimination in Israel" would be welcome, just as would a conference on, say, gun-control in the USA or paedophiles in Belgium or Islamophobia in Holland. The problems exist and must be discussed openly.

But titling the upcoming Van Leer Institute conference "apartheid" in Israel is comparable to smearing all Dutch people as Islamophobes. By giving their imprimatur to the racist title of the conference, they are in fact giving their imprimatur to the racist anti-Semitism inherent in the linkage.

There is absolutely no need to have used the apartheid label in the conference title - except to delegitimize Israel. Use of the word is a clear indication of the racist nature of the conference.

The famous Jerusalem organization has been hoodwinked by faux-liberals. It is a shameful stain on the reputation of the Israeli Van leer Institute and the illustrious Van Leer Foundation in Holland.

Jonathan Danilowitz is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist.


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