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The Obsession with Israel Defies Logical Argument


I recently began a computer driven course run by Duke University, for external students. The course subject is basically how to argue, how to use language tools, how to identify false premises, how to respond, what key words to look for – stuff like that. Besides the lectures and exercises, the course also offers students a series of discussion groups, some of which include the lectures, working groups, problem solving and more. One of the discussion “groups” is open to any and every subject, so someone began a discussion on the Arab-Israel conflict.

Yes, the Arab-Israel conflict is being discussed by students in a course on the tools of arguments. At first sight it might even seem logical; use the tools of argument on this thorny issue. The opening premise presented by the ‘someone’ immediately took an anti-Israel slant. I looked forward to a high level intellectual debate, until I saw the level of some of the arguments: “facts” created by thumb sucking, theories based on false premises and biased media reports, and even offerings on the level of “the Jews use the blood of innocent Christians to bake the traditional Passover unleavened bread”. Yes, even that.

There will be no intellectual debate, needless to say.

And I ask myself: If President Assad of Syria has killed close to 40,000 (and counting) of his own citizens over the last 18-odd months, why hasn’t a student raised that issue for discussion? If President Morsi of Egypt is returning his country to the despotic rule that was Mubarak’s signature tune, why no word on that from the students? If the North Korean dictators over the years (and to this day) have starved millions(!) of their own people to death, why are the students not climbing the barricades to protest? If women in Saudi Arabia cannot travel without a male escort, cannot drive, cannot vote and cannot live in freedom – why why why are the students not protesting or even debating it?

The incessant obsession with Israel and the manipulation of facts (not only among the students of this course) indicates a level of racist anti-Semitism that we haven’t seen since Hitler’s days. The writing is on the wall. Nascent support for Arab terror by denigrating Jews and Israel will spread like a cancer. Unless we wake up and stop it now. Before it’s too late.

Jonathon Danilowitz is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist living in Israel.


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