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More of the Catholic Church's Crimes Against Humanity

Imagine that you are a young boy in the care of the Catholic Church.

You are raped by priests.

When you summon the courage to tell other adults about this, they conclude that you are a homosexual and need to be castrated. To help you.

And then they do it; they slice your balls off.

This appears to have really happened. Probably at least 10 times.

This horrifying scenario from several decades ago is only coming to light now thanks to investigative journalism.

Forget about fire and brimstone. The Catholic priesthood seems quite capable of inventing Hell right here.

UPDATE. It's a busy day for religious apologists insisting that religion, and indeed, the perpetrators, are blemish-free and that we ought to really be blaming "the wider moral crisis" of "society". After all, the Catholic church has earned the benefit of the doubt -- who has ever heard of Catholic priests abusing children?

Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley horrifyingly suggests that the young, abused victim in this case may have actually asked to be castrated -- as if that would somehow absolve the adults of the atrocity of mutilating his genitals in a bizarre effort to "cure" Heithuis. (If an abused and presumably distraught youth asks an adult to amputate an appendage and a sadistic adult -- perhaps in priestly robes -- decides that is a good idea, does that make the amputation any less horrendous)?


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