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Ease the Pain. Kill Gadhafi Now

There is something deeply, deeply wrong with Libyan President – or, perhaps one should say, ex-President – Muammar Gadhafi.

But in reality, it isn’t just him. It’s his entire family.

For evidence of this, one needs look no further than his daughter, Aisha Gadhafi. In what she must have imagined to be a heart wrenching interview on French television, Gadhafi spoke about the inhuman havoc allegedly being wreaked by NATO forces in Libya.

“I've already lost one of my children and my brother in the bombings,” she remarked. “Every day there are members of my people who die. Civilians. Anyone who has a heart can understand what I feel."

Certainly, to lose a child or other family members is a terrible thing, something that someone should not wish on most people. However, personally I can’t help but wish that the astoundingly disingenuous Aisha Gadhafi loses one more family member: her father.

After all, the civilian casualties sustained during the NATO campaign in Libya pale by comparison to the civilian casualties sustained prior to the intervention, when her father ordered Libyan fighter jets to strife unarmed civilian protesters from the sky with machine gun fire.

Those who pay close attention to these kinds of conflicts already know this to be the case. Even in Afghanistan, where many among the far-left delight in complaining about the civilians killed as a result of NATO action, it’s the Taliban itself that kills far more civilians in its campaign of intimidation against the Afghan populace.

Does Aisha Gadhafi have anything to say about the civilians killed in a rain of depleted uranium bullets, deliberately aimed at them, at Muammar Gadhafi’s command? Of course not.

“Never would I imagine this country would one day kill my brother and my family," she told the French TV station. “I want to send a message to the wives of the French pilots who bomb us. Your husbands are not working to defend civilians in Libya.”

Libyans may have had less difficulty imagining that Gadhafi would order their murder if they ever stood up to him. They may not have necessarily imagined that he would do so with fighter jets.

But not only are French fighter pilots – and American fighter pilots, and British fighter pilots, and Canadian fighter pilots – working to defend civilians in Libya, they are now also working to defend civilians in Europe.

In what amounts to an act of extreme desperation, Muammar Gadhafi has now threatened to retaliate with attacks against civilians in Europe. On the same day Aisha Gadhafi was on French TV, weeping over her fallen son and brother, and pretending to care about civilian casualties, her father was literally phoning in a speech to Green Square in Tripoli threatening these attacks.

Whether it’s a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, or simply another case of the Gadhafi family thinking they’re far more convincing -- or far more intimidating -- than they really are is a riddle not easily deciphered. It’s basically a question about whether Gadhafi is mentally ill, and that illness is hereditary, or if they’re all simply evil.

(Personally, I lean toward the latter.)

But the answer to what to do about Muammar Gadhafi is not nearly so difficult to reach. Find him and terminate him, immediately. And just let the rest of his evil family weep about that.

Patrick Ross is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist


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