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Egypt Is Now A Military Dictatorship

Egyptians toppled a dictator. But that's when things went sideways.

The people trusted the army -- Mubarak's security apparatus that had helped keep Egypt down for decades -- to somehow set the country up for democracy. This naivety is only excusable on the grounds that Mubarak's regime had crushed any sense among Egyptians about how politics works. Effectively, they've replaced one pharaoh with his face plastered everywhere with a bunch of little faceless pharaohs that may be even harder to get rid of.

Naturally, the army is in no rush to hand things over to the people. Their aim is control. And as the mass persecution of Christians, women and political dissenters in Egypt continues, it is clear that the military has its own agenda that has very little to do with freedom and human rights.

On the cusp of victory, the Egyptian people gave up. Barring another revolution, they will be stuck with another anti-democratic regime in no hurry to hand over the reigns of power.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist


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