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The Futility Of Arguing With Haters About Politics

The Propagandist is no stranger to haters. We get hate mail on a fairly regular basis. Roughly half of the comments submitted about our articles are so devoid of a discernible point, yet filled with such defamatory statements or just pure invective that we delete them (If you're curious, check out The Propagandist's comment policy).

It doesn't stop there. Our fellow propagandists like Real Israel editor Jonathan Danilowitz often have to distinguish between providing a platform for democratic and free expression, or disseminating hostile rhetorical sludge.

Someone recently added comments to four of my recent blogs. She/he (maybe it?) used foul language, inane remarks, vulgar falsehoods and outright lies. I decided to allow the posts, in the interests of transparency and democracy. We are all entitled to our opinions, be they from a guttersnipe or from a doctoral professor.


Perhaps I should have deleted the comments. But they gave me food for thought: I realized once again that the majority of people who comment on the Israel-Arab conflict are either totally uninformed, or simply adopt and anti-Israel stance that no facts or figures can alter.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin once opined that Poles get their anti-Semitism with and through their mothers’ milk, and that nothing will ever change their obsession with hating Jews and Israel. No logic, no facts, no discussion.


The creature who commented on my blogs has shown, once again, what the world is up against. The ignorant majority – those belonging to the lowest common denominator - are leading Western civilisation to a world of Islamic dominance, a world of sharia law, a third-world of poverty, ignorance and destitution.

The silent minority of normal people neeed to wake up. They have a task. If they stay silent for too long, it will be too late.


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