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Lies You May Have Heard About The Rape Case In Israel

Is it racism for a woman looking for a long-term relationship to prefer partners from her own ethnic or cultural background? Of course not. Otherwise, people of every ethnicity in North America who date and marry within their faith or ethnic group could be considered racist.

The decision to intermarry is based on attitudes about shared traditions, beliefs and values. These factors are at the heart of the decision by many people to marry within their own culture. It doesn’t matter if they’re of Sikh, Muslim, Jewish or Chinese, Ghanan or Brazilian heritage.

Today we see a very controversial case of an alleged rape in Israel that is receiving worldwide coverage. That is, it’s considered controversial by irresponsible journalists and Israel-haters from Israel itself to the Arab Muslim world and the media in Western democracies. This is in keeping with the tired and officially repealed Zionism is Racism libel and the Durban Strategy to demonize and delegitimize Israel through boycotts, divestment, sanctions.

The usual suspects have piled on Israel for what they see as sanctioning institutionalized racism. And it’s just plain wrong.

In the case in question, Saber Kashour, an Arab-Israeli, lied about his name. First, he claimed an ostensibly Jewish name, “Daniel”. Then he volunteered his marital status (“I’m totally single, now let’s bone”). Oops, he’s actually married and has two children.

Adding insult to injury, the Israeli-Jewish victim of the alleged crime made it very clear that she was looking for a long-term, serious relationship with another Jewish man.

On “racial” deception alone, this legal battle has no legs to stand on. And it didn’t.

Israel, as numerous countries in the world do, has a “rape by deception” law. It has never been used against an Arab. It’s only been once before. That was against a Jewish government official, for making false promises to women who slept with him.

Now, getting back to the point I was making at the beginning -- that choice of a partner is an extremely important decision for most people. And for many people, that choice is strongly influenced by shared backgrounds; people of the same race, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Obviously Mr. Kashour did not find this to be too important as he lied his way into the alleged victim’s pants.

But who the hell are all these people shouting “racism!” to decide the values of other people!?

This lady apparently made it very clear to Mr. Kashour that she was looking for a long-term relationship with a Jewish man. He deceived her in order to have sex with her, and he admitted guilt as part of a plea bargain in this case. But again, deception based on “race” is not illegal. And it was not deemed to be illegal by the Israeli courts either.

What is illegal? The judge presiding over the case ruled that the issue behind the deception was not his race or religion, it was that Mr. Kashour was married.

It is not the fact that he was an Arab and claimed to be Jewish. The court emphasized that he claimed to be single while he was married, which would be relevant in the context of a romantic relationship (Toronto Sun).

Obviously those who are quick to criticize Israel and its “racism” over this aren’t even interested in the truth. The judge, for all intents and purposes, sided not with the claimant, but against the defendant, for the kind of awful deed he did against his own family, while doubly hurting the alleged victim in question.

In short, the Israeli court essentially ignored the race-based claim that this Jewish Israeli woman brought to the court, and instead ruled on “rape by deception” based on this man’s breaking the law of adultery (which exists not only in Israel, but most western, democratic nations) in deceiving this woman into having sex with him.

If the Israeli court had decided to prosecute this man for deceiving this woman into having sex with him on racial grounds, that would become a major issue. It  would have the potential to spark the powderkeg of “race” in the region, with undoubtedly ugly results. It would make Kashour’s deed no less despicable. But it would make it difficult to deal with by legal standards.

But again, that is not what took place. 

The manufactured controversy is just par for the course where Israel is concerned. as Prime Minister Netanyahu recently quipped, “Israel is guilty until proven guilty.”

Daniel Schloss is a contributing writer for The Propagandist.


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